Expo Training Sessions


Active Shooter Training
The Active Shooter Training is designed to provide a civilian or emergency responder with high quality training and instilling analytical knowledge on historical incidents as well. Students will participate in field skills such as applying tourniquets, and bandages to themselves as well as other casualties. This intensive training program in addition will focus on the human mind set of the shooter as well as the potential victims and the science behind their actions.

Officer Leadership Training
The Fire service has an opportunity today to manage our destiny going forward in the capacity of their membership. This program focuses on the inherit challenges faced by the fire services leaders managing their firefighters. Our goal is to help provide possible solutions to these challenges. Identifying and providing solutions that can be applied to improve your ability to mentor in today’s challenging environment. The application of strong mentorships, team building, and the employment of servant leadership practices can improve your management skills and create a stronger and deeper core.

Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Emergency Services
Todays emergency responders are being diagnosed with PTSD at an alarming rate. Learn the differences between the PTS and PTSD. Students will learn the signs of personal who are working and managing their symptoms day to day as well as have a clear understanding of the stigmas attached to mental illness. Learn how to talk to your people and encourage the open discussion within the brotherhood and break the silence.